Pearls of Uganda are authentic cultural community attractions and experiences located throughout Uganda, the country described by Winston Churchill as the “Pearl of Africa”! When planning a trip to Uganda be sure to visit these pearls to experience real cultural encounters that will be an inspiring and memorable addition to your Ugandan wildlife safari. Cultural and community encounters include drumming performances and lessons, village walks, medicinal plant demonstrations, handcraft workshops and shopping, community-run accommodations and restaurants. + more!


Kikorongo means "Too Much Sunshine" in the local language of Lukonzo – but the intense heat of the African plains has done nothing to diminish the energy of the Kikorongo Equator Cultural Performers! This vibrant performance is a wonderful glimpse of life in Kikorongo, with dance, drama, songs and even a fire-making competition.
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Have you ever tried drumming a traditional African drum, cooked local Uganda cuisine or visited a remote village to see a traditional healer using rainforest herbal remedies? These experiences and more are awaiting you with the friendly hospitable community hosts in Uganda.
You are welcome in Uganda!
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