Nature Walks & Birding

nwb1Who best to tell you about the local fauna and flora than the people who have grown up surrounded by it?

Trained guides from rural villages offer tours of the surrounding hills, forests and wetlands, and are experts at spotting secretive creatures hiding in the foliage, as well as pointing out native medicinal plants and recognizing the calls of rare birds.

Nature Walks are offered around the country – whether you are looking for an endemic three-horned chameleon in the Rwenzori foothills, a striking greater blue turaco in the forest canopy or a bushbuck darting between the trees, this is an excellent way to get to know the native wildlife alongside the people who know it best.

And of course, the scenery is breathtaking – with lush papyrus wetlands, volcanic peaks, cloud forest and waterfalls – be sure to bring a pair of binoculars and your camera!

Generating income through the preservation of the natural environment encourages local communities to conserve the wildlife and habitats that surround them. The Nature Walks will not only be enjoyable for you, but also help to ensure that the landscape remains untouched for Ugandans and visitors to enjoy well into the future.

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