Boomu Women's Group Village Walk

Boomu Women's Group Village Walk

Location: Between Budongo Forest Reserve and Murchison Falls National Park

Boomu Women´s Group has around 40 members from the villages of Kihaguzi and Kigaragara. These subsistence farmers had little produce left over to sell, so in 1999 the women´s group was formed, with the aim of reducing poverty and malnutrition, and providing an income for the members to be able to pay their children´s school fees. What began as a craft group has evolved into a wonderful community tourism project, with accommodation, a restaurant, unique guided tours and a well-tended garden.

This scenic walk through the village reveals to visitors the features of everyday rural life, as well as explaining the hardships facing the community. Your guide will show you the various crops that are grown in Kigaragara, as well as taking you to visit the village blacksmith. Storytellers share tales about customs and the local way of life, and a visit to the nursery can be arranged on request.

Visitors can also book a separate cooking demonstration or a basket weaving class to learn this complex art.


  • Hear tales of game hunting from those who are old enough to remember, as well as descriptions of Banyoro courtship rituals and birth celebrations.
  • Learn about the difficulties the communities face due to issues such as lack of education, no electricity or running water and population growth. This tour is one of the few sources of income for local residents.
  • See traditional farming methods and discover how different crops are processed

Responsible Travel

  • Boomu has four full-time employees and many part-time staff who benefit directly from tourism.
  • All the money from the community tour and a percentage of the turnover is put into a community fund finances school books, soap, pencils and porridge for local children attending a nursery created by Boomu.
  • Other projects that benefit from this fund are educational projects, local clinics, improving access to water and agroforestry initiatives.
  • Community members have also been trained in high-quality blanket weaving, which can be sold to local lodges and hotels.

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Two hours, but flexible

What to Bring

  • Sun screen and hat
  • Light clothing, preferably with long sleeves/pants
  • Insect repellent
  • Cash for tips and craft purchases
  • Drinks and snacks


  • Village walk: 10000 USh
  • Cooking demonstration: 10000 USh
  • Basket weaving demonstration: 10,000 USh

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