Grassrootz Safari

Grassrootz Safari


Location: Bazzekuketta road, Rubaga

Grassrootz seeks to give its clients the most holistic Ugandan experiences. When you travel with Grassrootz, you will not only get a chance to see Uganda’s spectacular natural landscapes and wildlife, but you will experience the country in the most culturally authentic manner.

National parks included in itineraries:

All national parks in Uganda

Available languages:

English, Luganda, Swahili. We always try to use a guide from the area we are visiting, so most speak other local languages as well.

Responsible Travel

  • We educate our guests on use of water, firewood and waste management. At the same time we explain to local communities that it is appreciated by our visitors not to burn plastics or drop litter.
  • Grassrootz Safaris aims to use local accommodations wherever possible. If this option is not available, we can camp within the community. We use local restaurants or we visit the local market with a community member to buy food which we prepare together.
  • We encourage our guests to purchase local crafts.
  • Grassrootz Safaris is part of the ICU Foundation, a small private initiative from the Netherlands which started a community project in Rakai district in 2003. This project started with a primary school, and now consists of a women group, school and garden with bio-gas installations and solar energy. The community started a maize-mill project and by the end of 2011 it will have a health centre. A visit to this project can be included in your tour.
  • We can arrange placements for volunteers and interns.
  • All the profits made by ICU are used to sustain the project.

Available Vehicles

  • Mini-bus with pop-up roof, Nissan Patrol Safari with rooftop tent.
  • All minibuses are customized with nine passenger seats.
  • Nissan Patrol cars have four seats.

Pearls Supported

  • Coming soon!


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