Mweya Safari Lodge Launches $1 For the Future Campaign

School children Mweya$1 For the Future Campaign: Mweya Safari Lodge Partners with USAID-STAR and UCOTA under Pearls of Uganda to Support Local Schools. Mweya Safari Lodge, a part of Marasa Africa, a leading provider of high quality, comfortable and charming lodges in East Africa, are pleased to launch a new travel philanthropy program to support schools and conservation education.

Mweya Safari Lodge’s new travel philanthropy program will be raising money with the help of their guests (by adding $1 per guest per length of stay on a voluntary basis)  to help communities surrounding Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. The program, $1 For the Future, will help with the renovation and construction of one school in its pilot year and will conclude with conservation murals and a visit from the Wildlife Clubs of Uganda to teach students about the importance of conservation and sustainable tourism.

Marasa Africa approached USAID-STAR with the idea of how they could give back more to the communities where they work and how to create a more meaningful experience for their guests. Out of this conversation the $1 For the Future campaign was developed with support from USAID-STAR and UCOTA's Pearls of Uganda Program and was launched on October 10, 2011.Launch of 1 dollar for the Future

The $1 For the Future campaign is a part of Marasa Africa’s larger commitment to bring greater benefits to some of the most sought-after, pristine natural destinations in East Africa by improving the conservation and livelihoods of local communities therein. With 6 unique lodges under management across Uganda and Kenya, Marasa Africa is able to have a positive impact in some of the most famous parks on the continent as it develops similar projects at all of its properties.

The $1 For the Future campaign is a celebrated partnership for Pearls of Uganda, UCOTA and USAID-STAR. In the coming year USAID-STAR will be continuing its efforts in Queen Elizabeth National Park by working with the Uganda Wildlife Authority to launch new safari experiences including lion tracking, mongoose tracking, niche itineraries, and night game drives.

The $1 For the Future campaign demonstrates how Marasa Africa is fostering sustainable tourism and improving tourism practices in East Africa to support conservation and communities. These efforts highlight how tourism can directly support conservation and community development, improving livelihoods and decreasing human wildlife conflict.


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